More shots of my Ramona Cosplay from this weekend. :D

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Am I the only one who got a seriously different vibe from the movie than from the books? Not a bad thing, though, as the movie was totally boss and didn’t disappoint in the least. I thought it was interesting how so much of it was rearranged, like the “Let’s both be girls” line and the behind-the-knee trick. Michael Cera, while not really the Scott Pilgrim I imagined, did an extremely good job. I’m not sure if he’s gotten entirely out of his “always playing awkward indie kids” thing, but he’s definitely making progress. I do wish he yelled more, though. Yelling Michael Cera is the best Michael Cera.

My only real complaint is that I wish there was more Sex Bob-Omb and Wallace. Kim had what, like maybe ten lines? Also, I was a bit upset that Crash and Boys got incinerated, although it was cool how that added a bit more menace to the exes.

All in all, it rocked ultimate, as expected!

- Trevor

PS. Spoilers:

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Alison Pill. Kim Pine. Gothic Lolita. Unf.

Alison Pill. Kim Pine. Gothic Lolita. Unf.

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We Are Sex Bob-Omb // Sex Bob-Omb

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Just to let you guys know, you can listen to the entire Scott Pilgrim Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, featuring songs by Beck and Broken Social Scene, over at right now! Spinner also has the original score available to listen to as well! Both are out tomorrow officially, so be sure to pick them up!!

Beck - Summertime
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Summertime, by Beck. To be performed by Sex Bob-Omb in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World